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Hair: Razor Comb
Razor comb 250
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Perfect for giving wigs and rooted hair that "never cut" newborn look.

We use a razor comb to thin and add texture to the baby's hair. This comb has a precision razor built right into the teeth. You can also add top-notch spikes or make the hair look choppy. Use your imagination and have fun with it!

Instructions come with the comb. These precision cut combs are from the French company Jilbere.

Click here for the article on "Do's & Don'ts of Mohair Care" which features a section on how to use the razor comb.

Instructions for using the razor comb from forum moderator, Pat Buffington:
With the razor comb has a razor at the base of the teeth. Use it on the ends of the hair if you basically have the right length or keep it a little bit long. The razor comb makes it so the ends of the hair are cut at an angle instead of blunt cut with a scissors.

Start lightly with the comb just above the place where you want to shorten your babies hair. Comb in the direction of the hair-growth. Comb lightly straight down. You will need several strokes of the comb so to get all the hairs cut.

Don't be heavy handed. You can also comb your babies hair straight up and comb that direction. this will help with the front of the hair to cut it also.

If you do it just like combing with a regular comb, you may cut too much off or cut it too short. So it's best to start gentle and slow.

I usually hold the end of the hair and just come down with it toward the end. That way I can hold the hair that I am shaving off so it's less messy. I hope I have not confused you on this.

I always say, when in doubt do it on yourself (or your dog).

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