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Petite Set: Vintage Blossom Complexion (9 Jars)
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Vintage Blossom is the latest in the series of perfectly matched cosmetic complexion colors for your baby. Vintage Blossom gives you the opportunity to have a new color that's half way in between Sweet Heart Rose and Peaches & Cream. This allows you to perfectly match your baby's color to her personality. Buy them as a set or individually.

This Authentic Reborn brand premixed paint set includes 9 jars of the most important colors reborners need, already mixed to just the right shades in the jar. Authentic Reborn premixes make life easier with paints that are just the right color every time. This set contains all the essential colors so you won't have to spend a single minute of your doll-making time mixing paints and correcting colors.

Are you used to mixing colors? If you run out of a paint mix, you know how difficult matching can be! That kind of issue is a thing of the past with Authentic Reborn premixes. Just order another jar of premixed paint and you are ready to pick up where you left off with just the right premix.It gets better, though. Authentic Reborn paints and premixes are already just the right transparency, too. No need to use any thinner with Authentic Reborn paints!

That's right, don't use any thinner with these or any Authentic Reborn paints!

Authentic Reborn paints are created with just the right amount of transparency. Reborners can paint veins that look "barely there" and lips that look realistically soft and translucent instead of like lipstick. Artists can apply blush without worrying about making it too dark. The creases and wrinkles can look like gentle shadows in the folds instead of looking like the baby is hurt! The eyebrows can be painted in petite thin lines and the foundation skin texture pattern can be applied easily and without looking chalky.

Authentic Reborn premixed colors are the most accurate and are preferred by professional reborners, like Sheila Michaels, around the globe!

This Petite Premixed Paint Set includes:

  1.  Vintage Blossom Creases & Wrinkles
  2.  Vintage Blossom Blush
  3.  Vintage Blossom Lip
  4. Eyebrow Brown Paint
  5. Internal Purple Wash
  6. Lifelike Vein Paint
  7. Moist Glaze Medium
  8. Skin Texture Foundation
  9. Matte Sealer/Varnish

Also available as Complexion Set Only (other face paints not included):

  1.  Vintage Blossom Crease & Wrinkle
  2.  Vintage Blossom Blush Paint
  3.  Vintage Blossom Lip Paint
  4. Matte Sealer/Varnish


Available Complexion Premix Colors:

  • Sweet Heart Rose
  • Vintage Blossom
  • Strawberry
  • Peaches & Cream

We recommend using Baby Tears to add the look of moistness to the lips, nostrils, eyelids and inner ears. Baby Tears is not included in this paint set but is available separately.

If using these paints with our training DVDs please keep in mind that these paints do not need to have thinner added to them - they are premixed and already have just the right transparency. 

More Information
Bake all Authentic Reborn paints at 265° Fahrenheit or 130° Celsius. Suggested bake time is 8 minutes. For most accurate curing use our oven thermometer.

For best results stir your paints before using.

We're very sorry, but we cannot accept returns of paints that have been used. If you ever feel there was any error in the paint you received, please contact us immediately.

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