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21" Acorn Head
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An assembled Acorn is about 21" long.


Acorn comes unpainted. Finished results will vary.

Doe Suede upgrades for 3/4 vinyl limbs only

Body slips do not include stuffing.

Head Only.
Acorn comes in Secrist's own special baby-soft vinyl that is translucent just like a real baby's skin. Secrist's vinyl was designed specifically for reborners and is preferred by reborners world wide.

Acorn can be used with 22" limb sets and body slips.

Make it a complete kit by checking the options below!

Limb Set Options

Secrist offers two types of limbs for most dolls, 3/4 and 1/4. Be sure to get the body slip you need for the limb set you order!

Reborners who prefer to display their doll prefer 3/4 limbs to allow for a greater variety of garments the doll can be dressed and displayed with. Reborners who favor a soft feeling reborn baby in their arms, or those on a budget, choose the 1/4 limbs.

Below are the limb sets that can be used
with Acorn:

Body Slip Options

Most Secrist body slips come with cable ties already inserted, with the exception of the 12" Micropreemie Cotton Body Slip which comes with strings. These body slips have an ideal shape for a baby. The kind of body slip you use will strongly impact the feel of your baby nestled in your arms. Want huggably soft? Choose a Doe Suede slip for it's super soft texture or simply to add an extra touch of premium to your reborn baby. You put a lot of effort into reborning your babies and you know you and your reborn are worth it! Upgrade to Doe Suede.

Below are the body slips that are available
for Acorn:

(The size of the body slip is determined by the size of the limbs you choose.)

Also Send Me
22" Droopy Limb Set - 1/4 (add $17.99)
22" Corey Limb Set - 3/4 (X-Light ONLY) (add $25.99)
22" Cotton Body Slip - 1/4 (add $9.99)
22" Cotton Body Slip - 3/4 (add $9.99)
22" Doe Suede-like Body Slip - 3/4 (add $13.99)
22" Blessing Body Slip (add $9.99)
Skin Tones
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The International Tutorial and Product Guide is the only one of its kind in the entire reborning industry. Find out what tens of thousands of reborners around the world have already discovered - the Secrist Guide is one of the most valuable reborning resources you have!
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